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Monday, October 2, 2017


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Friends, I must tell you at the outset that this write up is a request to you to support my nomination for the 60 plus category. Pl. click on the side bar badge or the poster below to reach my nomination page. Read on….

When I opted for this nomination (60 plus category), I didn't know that I would be doing marketing for my blog. Believe me this is alien to me. Yet here I am.

As compared to young people of today I stand nowhere in computer savviness. Of course, this has resulted in less traffic on my blog. Perhaps not many know about its existence. Still, it does not deter me from doing what I like.

I compose and post one blog post per week. This is all I can manage now.  Dabbling in avenues, which can help, attract more visits to my blog, is no longer an option.  Experimentation is tough for me.  I don't feel good about it, though.

I'm a self-learner. I started my blog after retirement in December 2009.  So far, I've presented 581 posts. This is my 582nd one. Because of health constraints, number of postings has decreased considerably but the will to keep going is as strong as ever.

My blogging journey has been an exhilarating one. I derive immense pleasure from the intellectual activity, which I go through every week. It has given a purpose to my life, which in itself is a blessing.

Over the years, I've covered a variety of subjects in my posts. The range includes memoirs, offbeat topics, issues of social concern, and write-ups on my love of nature, poetry and some travel tales. Lately, I've been experimenting with photography and have joined memes, where I share my captures and info with scores of others. This is highly rewarding as a learning process and knowing so many gifted, kind and compassionate people around the world.

The fellow bloggers in the Indi Bloggers space have inspired me and influenced my thought process. The young, the middle-aged ones and the older lot like me post the best of their creative efforts. Most are extremely talented. Sometimes one feels bowled over by the depth of their understanding and analysis of the topics at hand. The enormity of subjects being taken up is mind blowing. The latest phenomenon of vloggers represents the newest trend on the block. Their videos cover current interests of the young people and are very smartly executed.

All those who contribute their art have strengthened the Indi Bloggers community. There are photographers who are adept in their craft and have very successful blogs. The literature lovers with their poetry and articles elevate and enlighten the reader. There are chefs who give recipes for finger licking dishes and much more. I’ve learnt a lot from them. A heartfelt thank you all!

 Friends welcome here as always!

The Indian Blogger Awards 2017


  1. All the best! I'm also a self-taught blogger and i have no idea what blog itself mean when started, but now bogging make me feel existed with each post i share.