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Thursday, December 14, 2017


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“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”
Helen Keller

 Sunshine smiles- Google image

  W is for Winter.


A nasty bout of flu, notwithstanding, I love winters. If I’s incapacitated for more than two weeks, I’ve no reason to rile winter. The fault lies with my immune system. It played me false.

 In North India where we live, we face extreme weather conditions both in summers and in winters. Yet somehow, the severity of winter is declining as also its duration. Ceaseless construction activity, congested roads, vehicular emissions, burgeoning population   all are the culprits. Let it be for another time!

Winter ushers in fun, frolic, golden sunlight, festivals and delectable cuisines. Winters are famous for providing good things in plenty, be it vegetables or fruits, sweet dishes or crunchy crisp snacking items.

Here is the list of activities, which makes winter special for me.

Early morning picture of the rising sun in the urban milieu.

Basking in the sun is one of the greatest pleasures of my life at this stage.  As the sun rises, our back verandah is lighted up with the mellowed luminosity and sweet raw warmth. Setting aside the curtains of all rooms, and allowing the morning glow to filter through the windowpanes is the most joyful task of the day. It fills me with gaiety and gratitude for being alive amidst such loveliness. My inner being smiles and shakes off inertia. I welcome the new day.


I head to the kitchen for  preparing my favorite ginger tea. I itch to go out while sipping the first cup of the day. A stroll in the driveway energizes. A tentative plan for the day emerges in the mind. What to prepare for breakfast and subsequent meals is traced in the mind’s calendar. Mental assessment of other tasks ensues. Things feel doable.   

(Prior planning has helped me all along. It enabled me to strike a balance between my home and professional life. Now retired but the habit stays. Time management helps me to carry on my creative pursuits and indulge in  my hobbies now.)


The golden mellow sunshine is so inviting that to eat breakfast inside feels like a sin. Hubby helps in transferring the eatables outside on the tiled  raised platform in the middle of the open yard.  It is a private kingly domain. We linger on enjoying every bite coupled with background music of a different kind. The chirps and peculiar sounds of the members of various avian families converged on our stately NEEM tree, add to the joy.  What a blessing!


I wait eagerly for this time. Some food for thought. Newspaper is waiting. I savor uninterrupted the columns, I enjoy while the sun goes up wrapping the area in its warm blanket. It is heavenly. Thank you GOD for being so generous. I solve 'SCRAMBLE' and 'SPELLATHON' next. My grey cells need some shaking up after all. ‘THE TIMES OF INDIA’ does cater to the needs of the retirees, ha ha  ha.


Reader’s Digest and my Kindle books provide me enough reading material to be relished in the balmy and restorative sunshine. The poor KINDLE lazed on my computer table for so many days because of my sickness. Dusted and brought to life once again. I’m reading Dostoevsky’s 'CRIME AND PUNISHMENT' for the third time. It describes  tragically life in Russia before the Revolution. Winter sun transforms even dense books into a pleasure reading.


I’ve no complaints even on bad days in winter. In fact, one can have a great time during winter rains and foggy days. You can sit snuggled up in your quilt with a book or pursue some hobby. I’m experimenting with a crochet hook. I’ve already learnt to crochet a circle and a square with left over wool of bygone days.

Now friends, this is just a tiny part of the trailer of my life. Like every other householder, there is always a lot in the work basket to be performed in the lapse of a day.  Yet this is how I feel on my cherished days in winter.
 Friends, welcome here as always!

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  1. Hari OM
    Always feel like I am sitting beside you when you give these descriptions! Stay warm &*> YAM xx

  2. Gorgeous bloom!
    Thanks for linking up at

  3. I'm starting to have days like the one you've described. :-)

  4. Hi, thanks for your visit. You have a nice blog. I am also a retiree and have been kept busy with so many things that interest me. I am now your new follower, hope you will follow me too. Have a beautiful day!

  5. Very beautifully described your attachments to winter.

  6. Oh you brought alive winter days for me. Since a shifted two decades ago to the Western part of the country winter isn't the same. I would have loved to see your back patio, it sounds inviting. I have to admit winter rains are not my cup of tea though the quilt sounds inviting.

  7. You sound really cool and inspiring about winter, which is my favourite too. And you’re right about winter and books because I too read lot during this time than other seasons. I really wish to wake up early during the winter to experience warmth and cool, but I only wrap up to sleep. haha

  8. I hope you stay WELL, and enjoy the WINTER

  9. No matter what kind of weather... with the sun in your ♥, you will always radiate the beams ;-)

    Have a ♥-warming ABC Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (ABC-w-team)

  10. What a cheerful post that made me feel the warmth and happiness you experience. I am so sorry that you were ill, but glad that you are feeling better. Michelle

  11. Our winters in British Columbia are very different. Not much sun, lots of rain, a bit of snow and cool to cold temperatures. But I love it here too. One of my favourite things is to sit in front of the woodstove reading my Kindle. We have that in common. If you would like to read a Kindle book about my float cabin home it's on Amazon. "Up the Lake" by my husband Wayne Lutz is free here in Canada and the States, but I'm not sure about India. - Margy