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There was a time when I’s a lot interested in cooking. My colleagues in the Home Science department of our college taught me how to bake cakes, prepare selected popular snacks, and various puddings. I loved trying all those recipes on Sundays and enjoyed my successes in the culinary art.  But that was a long long time back. In fact, so much has changed since then that fancy cooking has already been shone the door. Those experiences stay as a distant memory today.

Now I cook what is nutritious and easy on the digestive system. A sensitive gut doesn’t allow the luxury of carefree eating. Yet I thought let me talk about food and that too about the incredible egg.

This longish prologue to the post is because I have chosen E for egg to develop my narrative upon for this week. Why the word “Egg” you may ask.  My response would be that I love eggs. I’m still a good cook and my curiosity and zest for experiments are intact.

Eggs are a reservoir of vitamins and minerals.  They contain high-quality protein and are light on the stomach. To cap it all, an egg is so versatile and adapts to all types of cuisines globally. The bonus part is that they are cheap.

I cook them for breakfast almost every day. I also prepare a couple of side dishes for lunch/ dinner, when unexpected guests arrive. I’m going to share how I cook eggs differently as a routine. Here it goes.


This is my favorite and so easy to cook. On medium heat grease your nonstick pan. Break the egg carefully into the pan, and cook until the edges become brown. If you do not like the runny yoke, then turn it upside down and after a minute or two slide it on a toast or plate. Sprinkle salt and pepper and there it goes into enjoyable bites.


I cook omelet when I decide to make stuffed paranthas. No more than once a week to break the monotony. Most of the time, while beating an egg, I add finely chopped fresh coriander leaves, onions and a green chili, salt, and pepper into the mixture.  Pouring the stuff onto the sizzling oil/butter in the pan on slow heat is a mouthwatering sight.

It is the easiest way to eat an egg. Put the egg in the boiling water for about four minutes. Remove and let it cool. Peel the shell gently starting from the larger top downwards. Cut it into two halves or into round pieces. Sprinkle salt and pepper and lap it up. To prevent it from breaking in the water, make sure that the egg is at room temperature.


The healthiest way to consume an egg is this one. Lower the egg in the boiling water for two minutes with the kitchen timer. Remove. Let it stand until it is still comfortably warm from the outside. Place it in a little eggcup or hold it in your left hand. Daintily break large enough part of the upper portion of the egg to allow insertion of a spoon. Scoop the insides with a teaspoon. A soft-boiled egg retains its nutritive value intact. And it gets digested so easily.


Cooking an egg is always simple and scrambled egg is no exception. Even my granddaughter (yet to be a teen) knows how to cook it.

Have all the condiments ready.  Place the spatula near at hand.  Oil the pan evenly on medium flame. Break the egg into the pan, add salt etc. Stir and mix well. It is done very quickly. Be careful to remove the pan when the stuff is still moist.


I needed to have an image of the poached egg. The best option was to prepare one. Therefore, I tried it today with a very good result. The method is easy but a bit tricky. Break the egg carefully in a tiny bowl. Put water in a flat-bottomed pan with straight up edges.  When the water just starts boiling, make a sort of whirlpool in the middle. This stops it from spreading in the pan. Softly drop the egg in the middle of the pan.  Keep watching. Let it cook for two-three minutes. With practice, one comes to know when it is done. Scoop it out with the tea strainer and savor it warm with some salt and pepper. 

This is a pudding made with egg and thickened milk. I cooked  it during the week. It is time consuming, so I'm giving it a miss.

We in North India also love EGG CURRY occasionally.

I prepare EGG BURJI when my children visit us. It is a tasty dish eaten with rotis or paranthas.

Just a sneak peek into my food preferences, friends. More next time! Hope to learn your simple recipes.

Friends.welcome here as always!

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  1. Hari OM
    This is weird - I woke up this morning desiring eggs!!! Now you have sealed the deal. Eggs it is. YAM xx

  2. Beeing allergic to many things..I know the difficulty of staying away from things you like and prepare things you're allowed to eat

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  3. Eggs are so versatile - they're one of the simplest ways to make a tasty treat.
    Thanks for sharing at

  4. Eggs are delicious, no matter how cooked. My latest favourite is egg cups or egg muffins.

  5. Eggs are truly nutritious.
    That's why they are included in the mid-days meals for children.
    'Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao Andey!' :)

  6. Now I know what I'll make for lunch if we don't go out. Scrambled eggs with onion, tomato, garlic, and bits of leftover steak. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I love cooking egg but I don't eat it. It is a great source of protein. Your dishes are mouth watering.

  8. I could eat eggs daily for this reason, and because I learned to cook them when I was about 8.

  9. Same like Saru, I cook but don't eat. Except vitamin C, I guess, it is a complete nutritional package!

  10. I don't eat egg often but looking at this article and pictures, I am tempted to eat egg now.