Wednesday, October 10, 2018


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Different aspects of phenomenon called NATURE in images below!!

Nature follows a perfect calendar. Have we ever doubted the appearance of the sun in the morning or the presence of the moon at night? Have we ever given a thought to the fact that seasons change on their own without any efforts on our part? Some overlapping there may be but the fundamentals remain the same.

Man’s relatedness to nature goes back to how many millennia, is difficult to guess. Even when man evolved exponentially, his kinship with nature grew stronger. His survival largely depends on nature’s bounties. Air, water, light, soil, plants, trees, warmth and energy sustain man’s life. Undoubtedly, nature all along has remained integral to man’s existence on earth.

It is axiomatic that man does not live for bread alone. God the creator had a unique plan for man to grow and lead a pleasurable life on this planet. Nature provided him with gorgeous spectacles! The mind-blowing Milky Way, vast open spaces, thick forest covers, countless flora and fauna, awe-inspiring oceans and mountains, amazing plateaus and plains and numerous bounteous gifts for his enjoyment- a testemony to His largesse vis- a- vis man.

Most of all nature endowed man with a super intellect. This intelligence, he uses to further his exploratory and risk-taking instincts.  He never feels fully satisfied and remains always in the act of becoming. Man’s imagination has transformed some aspects of the natural phenomenon for the benefit of humankind. To ward off complacency and test his resilience and endurance nature sometimes creates catastrophic situations. To find the solutions to humungous problems fuel his brainpower to battle unpleasant dynamics of life. Nature’s variety and challenges ensure that man might not self-destruct with boredom.

 Below a blazing emblem of autumn!

Man can only prosper if he lives closer to nature as it protects and heals!

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  1. Hari Om
    again you bring us a breath of fresh air! YAM xx

  2. An important post...Our connection to nature and the desire to preserve the planet is so important as we have caused the climate changes we are seeing now.. Your comment went into a spot to be approved and I got both of them. There are 600 SPAM comments already caught on my blog this month so the WP catches them and just shows me the total number they blocked..Michelle

  3. I agree! The people who have no respect for Nature have no respect for themselves.

  4. True.
    This is the only planet we have.
    May it be our nature to live happily with nature :)

  5. Truly with you on nature, the basis of all kind. Lovely photos to adapt the theme!

  6. Thankful for the constant of our Earth without having to flip any switches. Interesting and thought provoking post. Enjoyed the photos too. :)

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  8. Nature is indeed integral to man's survival in this planet. Not only man. indeed all living things need nature's support to survive. Even the pebble we find on the sea-shore has its place and importance in nature's scheme of things.

  9. And no matter what… it Always is beautiful

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l d y ♪ (ABC-W-team)

  10. There is so much that nature shows us every day that we look around! I love capturing it whenever I can.

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