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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Nature is a great puppeteer and shapes our moods, according to the seasonal changes in its persona. With October finally stepping in our midst, anxious wait has come to an end. We welcome it by soaking in the cool breathing space which it has blessed us with. We in North India were restless in the sea of sticky heat and suffocating humidity. Undoubtedly the last many months had been hard on us. Thankfully this is the beginning of a much deserved respite from the bone aching syndrome, caused by whirling fans and whirring ACs.
The scenario is changing .The ravages and last remnants of the unruliness of the rainy season are being eliminated at an express speed. The lawns and plants are getting a face lift. Home owners are busy in getting the lawns mowed and weeded. The plants are being rid of unwieldy and haphazard growth. The gardeners are cutting the unnecessary shoots and pruning the extra growth here and there. The flowering bushes are also under the scalpel for restoring the erstwhile presentable look. Hoeing is being done in the flower beds and excess bulbs have been uprooted from my lily patch ,to give it a neat and manageable look. The Tulsi plant and mint bed’ve been subject to a thorough cleaning, to remove dead, diseased leaves and already fresh green leaves are on the way. A small bed has been readied to sow fenugreek-methi-seeds, my winter weakness.
The wild growth in my favourite park has been taken care of by the extra hands engaged for the purpose. The water logged patches are drying (the park lacks drainage system) and the fungus ridden walking area has been swept clean.
It is actually the assorted bird families and lovely squirrels who show the utmost pleasure in the changed weather. The gay abandon is obvious in their every flight and in their lively tweets My freshly mowed front lawn attracts many winged friends in the morning, who busily nose their way into the soil for some grain or grub.
The wood pecker, a frequent visitor, wastes no time in looking around while gorging on the delicious fare which only his long and sharp beak can procure from deep under.
On the Neem trees across our boundary wall an exciting orchestra is played in the mornings and evenings as the birds assemble their in the safety of the thick spread. Probably to exchange views or to plan the day’s rendezvous or simply to gossip. However, what these notes convey I don’t know, apart from feeling the sheer mystique of the music.
Nevertheless, calling October and November as blessed months reflect my personal perception based on observation and experience. Let me share it with you.

Instead of the debilitating sweaty mornings, the fragrantly cool breeze welcomes you when you venture out first thing in the morning. You relax sitting in a chair with your cuppa of tea in one hand and the newspaper in the other, to spend your quality time with both, while fanned by the gentle wind which slightly ruffles your hair and stealthily enters inside through your loose clothing and softly tickles your body into a kind of stupor. Result: the mind clock stops ticking. It is you and the soft feeling of a mystic experience, making you feel feather light.
The soothing environment bolsters your spirits. It motivates you go to the nearest park for a stroll and feel the freshness in your limbs. Your arms automatically move up and back, exercising your shoulders and stabilizing your neck muscles, relieving the annoying stiffness and aches. The muscles of your lower back, pelvic area, buttocks, thighs, knees and lower legs are lubricated and strengthened and you feel more energetic and confident
The outdoor activity around plants, birds etc. help you relax and unwind your stressors. Who wouldn’t be enchanted by the playful squirrels when they tease you by jumping ahead of you, behind you, around you and at the sign of proximity, make a single flawless jump onto the nearest tree trunk?
The comfortable weather conditions give an impetus to creativity. Ideas germinate and blossom into works of art. Writers, painters and proponents of other art forms get enough inspiration for their craft and food for thought. Moderate weather of these months enhances productivity and wellness.
If we can’t live by bread alone, likewise we can’t live by creativity alone. We need good food to keep the fires burning. Markets are all agog with fresh vegetables and fruit and you can luxuriate in the sensual pleasures of the palate with combinations of various haute cuisines.
Just sitting alone in the open in a contemplative mood, listening to the music of rustling leaves and chirping of birds is a reward too deep for words.
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  1. Beautifully expressed!
    Agree with you :)

  2. Welcome!Thanks for kind words of support.

  3. I loved this. Esp. the fresh vegetables part. We are also waiting for the good harvest the months bring.

  4. THANKS PATTU.I'm sure your terrace garden is flourishing with all your painstaking efforts. Expecting good results for sure.