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Thursday, May 14, 2015


 'R' is for round.

           The full moon exuding the mystery of the unique natural phenomenon.

The picture taken around 10 pm in mid April.

The fresh and green looking pomegranate bush  bearing some round fruit contrasted with the pitch dark above.One of the life promoting charms of nature's gifts.

 Round shape is the theme of this post.

All celestial bodies are round in shape. The emperor of the skies,which gives life, sustains its growth and preserves all life on the earth is round and blazes the year round and dazzles with its unbound potency. It too is round. 
Our fruit fraternity boasts of this shape in most of its products. From apple to most of the berry families and oranges, tangerines, plums,guavas,melons and many more are round in shape.
 The word round has significant say in idiomatic and phrasal expressions i.e. going round and round and not coming to the point; to take a round of some particular place; round something off-to smoothen the curves; round of applause after a performance to name a few. Not to forget the proverb, Round pegs in square holes- some body unfit or not suitable for a particular position or activity etc. One can go on and on.....

Friends,welcome here as always!

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  1. Hari OM
    It's a pearl in teh sky - and ooh YummmOOO.... fresh anar? I am a little bit green with envy! YAM xx

  2. Full moon shinning so brightly against the dark sky makes a lovely pic.

  3. Now that's a beautiful and make on round Uppal j !!

  4. Enjoyed your list of 'round sayings' I have a round token of wood which says 'round tuit' for those times I say I will get around too it..: ) ♪

  5. Love the pic of the moon Uppalji! Awesome click :)

  6. I wonder why all the planets are round. Perhaps it is the spinning that erodes them them to this shape -- seems weird though.

  7. Round makes me think of circles which can become spirals.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  8. Both the shots are beautiful. Fresh pomegranate is such a delight.

  9. I find the full moon very mesmerizing and love its beauty! Your picture is nice and the green pomegranates remind me of my childhood

  10. Incroyable lune ! Très jolies photos !.
    Bonne journée.

  11. Great takes on the theme!
    Perrrfect Round:)

  12. Yes great subjects for the theme.
    Happy ABCW!