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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


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New look of the hill scape!

We've reached hills for our  annual short stay during summers. Here the weather is cool, breezy and invigorating. The after effects of intense cold of past few months are evident partly. The new shoots are sprouting on pine trees. However,  large variety of sundry bushes, trees and flowers  already look fresh donning thick green new leaves. 
While scanning the area from the balcony of the apartment,which is built on top of a hill overlooking a narrow valley, I saw the above scene. Concrete unplanned  jungle is overpowering the fragile ecology of hills all over Himachal Pradesh. Trees have been felled mercilessly by the locals as well as  the builders. Commerce has overshadowed all other considerations. It is the joint responsibility of the residents as well as the administration to implement laws for preventing the abuse of the forest cover at least in the future.

Only one picture this time,because the slow  internet speed is  making it  difficult and time consuming to upload.

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  1. Sometimes we find things that are more adorable than internet ;)

    Village Girl

  2. Enjoy your stay ma'am. Himachal is still better than plains weather wise.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your photo at

  4. Unplanned concrete jungle to satisfy insatiable commercial eye sore in fact...pathetic thoughtlessness of the harm being caused:(:(

  5. Unplanned urbanization is killing all our beautiful British Raj hill stations and making it ugly.But weather must be lovely.Enjoy

  6. The concrete jungles seem to be taking over, it is sad.. Great shot! Enjoy your day!

  7. Looks like a good place to be when the weather is very hot.

  8. We baby boomers are part of the problem of the concrete problem. Always wanting new instead of refurbished. Enjoy your cool arrangement.