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Tuesday, May 26, 2015



 The flowery bush is  slowly but surely coming to life after withstanding winter cold. This one is growing in a small lawn in the ground flat of a friend in the community.

The light green fresh looking leaves of the bush have a soothing effect when you stroll  in the common lawn here in our community.

 The Marigold matches the golden sunlight.


 Dwelling units on the lower slopes, on Kumarhatti- Nahan Highway. An evening shot.

 Friends welcome here as always!

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  1. Beautiful flowering and foliage from you community

  2. So beautiful! I am sorry about the linky, I really hope it comes back soon, this is frustrating, I can't even get to their website to ask for help. Oh well, do check back later so you can link. Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥

  3. Very nice!
    Thank you so much for linking up at

  4. Nothing like the beautiful pops of color to enhance a walk.

  5. Pretty plants and love the marigolds. Pretty images, have a happy day!

  6. I feel sad when I look at these hill stations with so much of constructions. Apart from the constructions, clearing up the native vegetation for lawns etc weakens the hills further. Earlier we used to find only a couple of houses in one hill. These days there is hardly any space left.

    1. you're absolutely right in your observation.The forests around here are slowly being denuded by the locals for firewood and sundry vegetation is cut for cattle fodder. There is no check on new constructions on hill slopes which lead to landslides. On Kumarhatti - Nahan highway flats are being built just leaving little space from the road. There is so much of traffic and going for a walk is no pleasure anymore. Builders as well as the locals are exploiting the lax laws with impunity. And the authorities only wake up when the damage has already been done.

  7. The flowers is beautiful and I was going to say that the hillside is too, but I see in your comment that you too have problems with trees being cut down for buildings and taking away from Nature and perhaps putting someone in danger. We have codes here and things have to be approved, but it seems that buildings and shops are more important than forest and wildlife.. It is very sad and we will regret it as we can't put it back again...Michelle

  8. Great photos and I love the flowers and trees. Thank you so much for linking with Today's Flowers, and have a great weekend :)

  9. The flowers and the greens look so fresh and vibrant.Here in the plains all the flowers and grasses have got burnt in the intense heat of the summer sun.Beautiful images.