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Thursday, May 14, 2015


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Nature's splendour

We live in this area.(above) On the left of the picture is the community park, which i frequent for walks. Outside the railing of the park are a pair of 'Gulmohur' trees resplendent with their deep orange blooms.The riot of color often entices me to linger on  a while and have  some clicks. However, this glory is going to end soon as the summer is approaching with its blazing sun shine and sweating bodies.

The thin formation of clouds on a  grey sky in the midst of  urban landscape makes them  look so near though actually fathomless. Appearances are pleasantly deceptive. The picture taken from the road in front of our house.

Friends, welcome here as always!


  1. those trees really are beautiful. nice sky and great fences,too.

  2. I'm not familiar with the trees but love anything red.

  3. Beautiful surroundings you have.

  4. Stunning surroundings Uppalji :-) I love the orange blossoms!

  5. What a pretty tree, I love the blossoms.. Pretty skies, have a happy new week!

  6. The area you live seem quite serene, clean and greenery! While we were staying in apartment few years back we had a Gulmohar right in front of our home and the branches leaning close to your door giving wonderful shadow and colors of red. I miss it more and the tree was uprooted later when we shifted home. Nice sky and terrace view of your home. Nice railing