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Friday, September 4, 2015


This post is part of: Good Fences, Sky Watch

This picture is taken at a cottage in Dagshai, which is owned by one of our friends. Here is my friend and her niece posing for me.

A small space is ensconced as a balcony with a swing and a small  improvised fountain, where water is circulated all the time. The terrace overlooks splendid scenic mountainside.

The view of the cemetery. Google image.
Dagshai has military cantonment originally established by the British rulers, because of its cool climes and picturesque beauty. It is situated at an altitude of 6000 feet. A Roman Catholic Church was built by the British here, which is still there.There is an old cemetery overlooking the lovely valley. It is said that many British soldiers are buried here. It is a tourist place because of its history and natural beauty, which has been saved from the real estate Sharks by enacting strategic regulations.
It is about 5 km uphill from Kumarhatti. It is famous for its level walks and magnificent valley views.

It has a considerable population of monkeys though.

Sky watch from Kumarhatti- Nahan Road at a late afternoon in mild sunshine in August,2015.

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  1. Hari Om
    Love those hill views - and enjoyed the little snip of history today! YAM xx

  2. Great shot of your friends. And I love the view of the mountains and sky! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Gorgeous view of the mountains and valley

  4. Awesome view. Love it.
    Thanks for dropping by :)

  5. looks like its a great place to relax and unwind! especially when you are pretty tired from hectic schedule! Looking forward to some more pictures of dagshai.

  6. A beautiful area! Such a lovely view!

  7. wow, it is beautiful! and two lovely ladies, too.

  8. Beautiful captures and i liked the mini fountain at your friend’s balcony. Nice knowing this place Dagshai

    Wish i visit the Himalayas at least one!

  9. Beautiful views and the balcony looks comfy.