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Thursday, September 24, 2015


The gate represents one of the two entries to a well established religious sect (Radha Saomi) with branches all over the state of Punjab. It leads to a sprawling open space grown with healthy, well maintained trees, bushes and sundry plants. All are looked after by the devotees. They hold congregation on a fixed day of the week, which is always attended by the followers in strength. Its main center is based at 'Beas', another town in Punjab. One thing which is impressive about this sect is that its followers abstain from eating non vegetarian food and consuming alcohol. I think this to be social service worth appreciating.

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After dry, humid and perspiring fortnight, we were blessed by rain Gods for two consecutive days that brought down the temperature and a chance to venture out for a comfortable walk.  The images of the cloudy sky above and below were captured during  a cool lull.

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  1. What a pretty gate and entrance. Lovely sky captures too. Great images, thanks for sharing. Have a happy day!

  2. The fence and then the clouds made me envision of a gates of heaven.

    Loved the clicks, Uppaljee
    Always the pleasure to have you join me on this WW wagon.

  3. pretty gate and so much greenery! lovely!

  4. That gate is really pretty and the wall with the greenery and flowers is just so lovely.

  5. A very interesting post with lovely photographs.

  6. that is a beautiful fence. :) And skies too.

  7. Beautiful gate, along with well maintained space of green! Good work by the devotees and nice capture by you. Rain after hot and humid weather is a pleasure...