Saturday, January 24, 2015



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Today afternoon, I  found this pair pecking busily in the park nearby and captured them before they could hear my footfalls and fly away.

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Friday, January 23, 2015



I noticed many times in the hills that on one side there was sunshine and far away you 'd spy dark clouds appearing suddenly. The pic(above)shows one such phenomenon!

During my stay in hills during last summer i got a blissful opportunity to watch infinite patterns of the sky blending profusely with the green cover of the hills. Some glimpses of the scenery get embedded in your mind's eye. Sharing these pictures bring back fond memories. Especially since I've developed love for photography.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015


This week's challenge is:

"TREES" (All kinds,...)

                                                       PINES GALORE

 Abundance of pines on the slopes of Shivalik hills in Himachal Pradesh. The picture from my archives was taken in the evening, on Kumarhatti-Nahan road during the spring of 2014. Lush green grass tells a lot about the weather at that time!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015



 (Shouldn’t it be so?)

 A pledge I’ve made to me self;

Come what may,

From now onwards, I shall ‘be myself.’

No cringing, no appeasement,

I'd seek no agreement.
No longer will I be torn,

Before taking life by the horn.

Things will happen,

 To which, I give precedence.

To the gaping mouths,

I’d  say, ‘don’t look like that ’ without any hesitance

I’d follow my own standard,

Wouldn't mind to be so branded.

Friends, don’t  you think, time is ripe

(For the last leap,)

For women in turbulent waters to dive.

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Wordless Wednesday


Neem tree stands as a  sentinel in our neighborhood

 Neem trees are growing all over in Punjab. They simply look majestic in their green cover. Neem has been an acclaimed medicinal remedy for ages. Before the advent of modern medicines, neem leaves in various forms were used effectively for curing many ailments. Its holistic properties are strongly recommended by Ayurveda for treating skin, hair and fungal disorders. Neem leaves, neem oil, neem paste have multiple uses. 

Compounds found in neem leaves have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  It is a popular germicide and neem soap and neem toothpaste is the preferred choice of many.

I vividly remember the embarrassment and extreme shyness, I passed through as a teenager, long time back when my flawless face got sudden invasion of pimples. I used to hide myself inside. I missed college. Sometimes to cover the unsightly pimples I would apply Band-Aid. In short, I was utterly dismayed and suffered intensely until dear mother’s home made paste of neem leaves came to my rescue. Its regular application cleared my skin within days and restored my confidence.

Neem’s major contribution lies in eliminating skin diseases: Neem paste applied on cold sores, boils, pigmentation marks and simple wounds is proven effective.  Warm water boiled in neem leaves is squeezed via soaked cotton puffs slowly and gently on affected areas to treat minor skin infections, abrasions, bumps, hurts and bruises. Neem’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and help in the healing process.

It is considered as the most effective cure for acne, pimples and for cleansing skin pores. My successful personal experience of the timely use of neem paste for quick relief is the case in point.

A special creation by  the name of ‘Garnier pure active Neem face wash’  manufactured by the company, which is into hair coloring and skin care products is gathering a lot of positive support in the market. It combines maximum benefit with ease of use. It is a sort of blessing for young girls busy in settling in their careers and professionals with hectic life styles. With zero extra effort, one can reap the benefits of this holistic product for a smooth, healthy, blemish free skin. Young boys too, who generally suffer from the onslaught of acne during puberty, can get the desired relief early on. In fact, everyone who is serious about skin care can use it to great advantage.

This apart, Neem oil is very effective for mild massage in pains and aches of arthritis and osteo-arthritis. Its potent agents reduce swelling and improve blood circulation.

Its usage for hair health is recognized widely. Its oil used for scalp massage, an hour before shampooing does wonders for eliminating dandruff and hair fall. For dryness and minor irritations of hair, water boiled with neem leaves proves efficacious as the last rinse. The act takes away the residues of chemicals and gives shine and luster to the hair.  

Luckily, I had found another use for it, which so many of my searches failed to redress. Our house remains locked for a couple of months in summer. On my return, the sight of excreta of lizards scattered around used to be revolting. At somebody’s suggestion, now, I throw green neem twigs on the kitchen counters, kitchen cabinets and at other strategic points and am surprised to find the problem has disappeared finally.

Neem trees are an asset to the environment as well. They purify the air and attract hordes of birds to its cool and congenial spread in summers. Good to walk near their presence in the mornings for oxygen suffused air.

Neem’s wondrous home remedies are finally receiving the recognition, which is overdue.
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Monday, January 19, 2015



It is a belated post. Today the sun came out mildly out of the cover of fog and this twosome of doves flew out and perched on the roof in the neighborhood. I captured them immediately.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015


My sweet friend Shweta nominated my blog and also other blogs  for the award of inspiring blogs. Thanks so much for remembering me and being a well wisher.

However the the obligation of writing about who I am,  seems to be really daunting. By the way, If we happen to know ourselves, then myriad problems of life can be sorted out in a jiffy and we can live peacefully in amity and harmony. But it is not so. It is seen and believed that man is a bundle of contradictions most of the times, which is  one of the reasons for complexities and unpredictability of human condition. 

However, the core of anyone's personality is always inviolable and totally private. Anyways the goal of knowing oneself is paved with good intentions. No wonder, Greek philosopher Socrates found knowing oneself of great significance to know the truth, when he reiterated the maxim,''Know thyself."

Well, let me say a few things about myself, which partially describe me. Like I said above, the quest of knowing oneself  is like walking on a never ending road.

However, a sneak view is in place here. 

1. As for as I remember I've been a no nonsense person with deep sensitivities and belief in a value system to live life by. Though, with changing times and circumstances, I've mellowed down and learned to stand unpleasant situations bravely.

2. I've sympathy for men who refuse to see the light of the day and persist in feeding patriarchal attitudes.Their feeble egos are wrenched to accept that women have thinking minds too.

3. I love my family. My  son and daughter (they're on their own now) and my hubby  are my first priority. I wish I were a bit selfish!

4. I hold opinions and hate herd mentality and  blind conformity for gaining popularity. I'm politically and socially aware and can see through the word games played in debates on TV channels. However, the verbal fisticuffs lately have become so disgusting  that I've already weaned myself away.

5. I don't watch any TV serials, be it Hindi, Punjabi or English. I find them ridiculously stupid. I enjoyed Pakistani drama 'Zindagi Gulzar Hai' on newly started 'Zindagi' channel. But no more, as the quality of the subsequent offerings deteriorated considerably.

6. I'm a spiritual person and TOI's 'Sacred Space' and 'Speaking Tree' are a must read for me on daily basis.These contain inspiring reminders for leading a meaningful life. I also go through articles on Editorial page of "The Times of India" and other newspapers.

7. After God, my parents and now their pious memories are a source of inspiration and strength for me. Watching nature's miraculous cycle, gladdens, rejuvenates and renews my spirits and motivates me 24x7.

 Now the sensitive task of nominating other blogs.

There are so many high quality blogs and many of them have  already been nominated for the award.  So my list in random order, comprises five blogs which I often visit. Excuse me for not nominating 15.

1.The Top post for its exquisite photography.

2. Anki on the move for her rich travel experiences.

3. Ananytales for her sweet  tales and a lot of variety.

4.Mono-live for comprehensive information about technology and gadgets.

5. Powerful views for its evocative poetic offerings and brilliant pictures.
I hope this will do Shweta! Many thanks!!!

Friends, welcome here as always!