Friday, August 28, 2015


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After three  months of idyllic stay in the lustrous green and salubrious lap of Shivalik hills, I'm back at my hometown Patiala.That explains my absence from the cyberspace for a week.The weather in the plains is still hot, humid and stifling. The businessof restarting the home front is challenging to say the least. The body barks at adjusting to the suffocating temperature. How true! One can't have the cake and eat it too.

 The red flowers blooming in one of the parks in our community at Patiala. The yellow painted fence protects it from stray animals and unruly children.

The small gate above a staircase of one of the flats at Kumarhatti.

A view of the skyline  shot from Himalayan Expressway on our return journey to my den at Patiala.

Sky watch above spreading pines at Kumarhatti.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015


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Flowering 'Gulmohar' trees across  the park fence in my home town Patiala. Picture taken in early May 2015.

 A pattern of monsoon clouds at Kumarhatti, Solan.

Another spectacle of the rain clouds at Kumarhatti. Pictures taken from a vantage point in our complex.

World photo day

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015



My words keep playing with the evergreen mystery of our life. The gratuitous gifts of nature in the form of flowers, vegetation and other spectacular displays in changing seasons is a perennial source of inspiration. The natural phenomenon relates profoundly to the nature of our lives on this earth. For instant flowers, forests, valleys and glades play a significant role in uplifting our morale,which keeps us going on.

Another Wednesday gives a new opportunity for integrating thoughts about the insoluble mystery of life that all of us are living through.

Life is neither a bed of roses nor thorns,

It is a mixed bag of joys and pricking corns.

In fact….

Life’s canister is stuffed more with prickles,

Than laughter causing tickles.

Every mirth is slyly stalked,

By residues undesirable to be talked.

Never a moment is pure delight,

Bereft of memories of itchy slights.

Uncertainty is a bane and a boon,

Beyond our powers to prune.

A shadowy presence we sense in our minds,

Scary, unkind, rigid to hold us in a bind.

Truly, the scenario is galling,

No escape beyond facing the challenge.

Man may inhabit the moon and more,

The endless struggle stays in the fore.


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Thursday, August 13, 2015


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Green painted iron fence around our flower beds at my home town Patiala. This protects the space from stray cattle and dogs. The picture was taken in May 2015, when the lilies were in full bloom.

The picture taken of the small part of the park which i frequent for my walks.This (above) type of fence encircles the park. Captured around early May this year.

Early morning capture of the sky watch yesterday at Kumarhatti. Shot it from our balcony.

 The view of the sky line on Himalayan Expressway which bypasses the congested Pinjore, Kalka and Parwanoo.

Another view of the monsoon clouds!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015


One of my favorite quotes!


By the way, Wednesday post is for reflecting and articulating the mystery  inherent in the very concept of life. Life is imbued with multiplicity of interpretations, which are not random but follow a complex pattern. My poem (fourteen lines) roughly is in the form of a sonnet and has three stanzas and a couplet. Here it is:

LIFE is akin to an earthen pot,

Ever rife with impulsive brew on spot.

Smoldering embers, readied for vigilance,

Pre-empt the notion that stifles brilliance.

Well, turn the page:

Festering wounds stay embalmed,

In the chink of the soul securely calmed.

Deep hurts and recurring pains,

Sleep uneasily in shrouds of fake gains.

Go to the next page:

Let life be fashioned in metal and stone,

Newfangled world of human clones!!!

The idea of doom is a deadly cocktail,

Entails despondency and all hopes derailed.

The epilogue:

Human spirit is willed never to die,

Like a phoenix the brave hearts will rise. 

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Monday, August 10, 2015


Monsoon rains have saturated the parched hill sides with elixir from the heavens. It has  renewed and boosted the energy of  leaf, bush and flower. Vegetation feels blessed with a glowing green glory and looks like a bride decked with green finery. 
The wondrous visual treat  soothes as well as excites the senses. Birds come out fluttering and making music after the downpour stops.  When the rain gods take some rest, the flora shakes up inertia and brightens up for the indulgence of the generous on lookers. The washed festive ambiance washes away, whole lot of stresses and strains.
However, it juxtaposes with another aspect of this season. Cloudbursts, flash floods,  landslides,  extensive damage to life and  property and roads have been reported in this hill state.Life, in fact is synonymous with opposites.

These yellow flowers (above) are real brave hearts. Soon after the rains cease, they show their resilience by spreading golden smiles.

The rose bushes were pruned more than a month ago. They again are proliferating with bud and flower.

The yellow flower is yet to show its full prowess.

Early morning shot as the mist is rising up from the mountain tops.

The other side of the valley,hazy in parts.

The drizzle is there still. A wet day with the skyline wearing a white cloudy cloak.

The larger scene of the valley. The mist lingers on....

Location: Kumarhatti, Solan,(Himachal Pradesh).

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Thursday, August 6, 2015


Part of my hill series:

 Monsoon rains are fully active  here these days. It rains almost every day. The earth is all agog with lustrous green freshness. The surroundings seem to be decked with resurgent vegetation of all types.

A partial view of  the chain fence which encircles the lawn of our complex.On the left  outside the fence there is a mound of earth overgrown with sundry flora. Some lanky pines seem to take care of the activities around.

  Iron railing around a small area below our unit overlooking the valley dense with fresh green pines.


Monsoon clouds trying to lay seize on the  canopy of the blue skyline.

Shot taken by looking up straight from the lawn.The  sky displaying thick rain filled clouds,is sort of sandwiched between tree tops.

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