Friday, February 27, 2015


The sunrise over Shivalik Hills in Himachal Pradesh in the summer of 2014. Taken from the balcony of our summer flat in Kumarhatti.

 An afternoon sky watch over the same hills during rainy season.

 Night watchman. Could take this one of the full moon, on one of my  my lucky days.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015




Can you imagine what lies in store for you, when you accept an invitation for a grand party to be held in connection with some important event?  No way. Actually it  starts an exciting thinking process ahead of the day. Some mental planning ensues. For instance, regarding the choice of a suitable dress for the occasion. Since you expect to meet, many friends or acquaintances after a long time gap, you naturally and consciously picture yourself wearing a certain dress and suitable accessories to enhance your personality. 

This apart, you begin to look forward to some carefree and fun filled moments of eating and chatting, exchanging notes and updating yourself about each others' past activities. In short, nostalgia sets in, imagination soars on cloud nine, and expectations fly high like colorful kites near ‘Basant’ festival. On the appointed day, trying to look your best, you step out of the car wearing your favorite heels, looking fresh, smart and elegant. 

Imagine your surprise when you reach the entry gate of the venue, there is no one to receive you. You walk to the elaborately erected 'Pandal', where you find a few people strolling about like lost souls because the hosts were  nowhere in sight. The caterers too seemed indifferent and unsure because they had not been given proper instructions about serving the snacks. So much for that grand party!

In fact, one runs into such situations, which belie our expectations often in our lifetime, though with minor differences. Moreover, in lighter vein you term such circumstances as falling from the sublime to the ridiculous or just encountering a damp squib when you had hoped for a grand spectacle.

Another case in point is the beauty products where there is a deep chasm between reality and expectations. You start using a particular shampoo, hair oil or conditioner, because of the fake ads where comely and curvy models walk around seductively displaying their lustrous, shiny and bouncy hair. They sell you false images by shrewdly working on your psychology. You suspend your disbelief and begin to identify yourself with those gorgeous looking models. The result is disappointment and empty pocket.

Similar is the case with expensive beauty lotions, anti-aging creams, face washes etc., which promise the moon with flawless, wrinkle free, glowing skin. The unscrupulous companies earn the moolah by manipulating our vulnerabilities.

Surprisingly, for my mother, curd or fresh milk heated and cooled, applied gently on face and rubbed on body while bathing was the panacea for all skin problems. Soap was a big No. 

Let’s go a little further:

The curious thing about life is that one is never likely to get what one expects or imagines in the course of one’s short sojourn here on this earth. We imagine something and something else happens. It is, I think rare that one’s dreams are fulfilled completely. It does not mean however, that one should stop dreaming about making it big one day. The beauty of life lies in ceaseless striving and knowing.
The gap between what we expect and what we achieve is actually a grandiose scheme of the Almighty to make our lives exciting and adventurous.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 Seasonal Delights

 Above clicks are from our backyard, where these tiny plants are providing riot of color. One particular thing about them is they open up their petals only in sunshine and if it is a cloudy day they stay closed.
The white roses are growing in the rose park,which is in the vicinity of our community. Clicked it last week.

Marigold is growing in our front-yard on two sides of our lawn. It's a late variety and blossoms are slowly on their way. Their sunshine hue enlivens our house and gladdens the on looker.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Looks like this foursome  is really enjoying this grainy meal, as their concentration is an indicator of their interest. I wonder why the fourth one (on the left) is indecisive. Their chubbiness shows that they're foodies.

I took this picture  in the parking lot of a market place where i often shop. I like to present birds as part of our daily life, mingling with us,though unobtrusively.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015


Monsoon clouds enjoying the spectacle down under:

One of my last year's sky watch photos. It's the time when monsoon rains had  given new life to the almost withered  vegetation and quenched the thirst of the parched earth with generous pourings from above. The trees, plants, flowers seemed to be winking with pleasure and invited us to gorge on the visual feast of revitalized greenery with towering pines embellishing the sky scape.

Location: Shiwalik Hills in Himachal Pradesh.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


F is for Furniture
You must be amused why I chose this starkly material, unimpressive and bland word to seriously deliberate upon.  Oh yes, there is a reason to it. In fact, it just happened without any effort on my part.  I was mulling over some words to kindle the creative fires for the next intellectual exercise to begin shortly. Something weird happened and that chose the word for me. Well, that also became the starting point of an inner debate. The resultant thought process took the shape of musings about human relationships.

 It was actually an ad on the TV about furniture. It concerned “Urban ladder”  a company selling furniture. I’ve even forgotten the channel where it was shown, otherwise I’d have captured it.  At that time, it did not occur to me that it might become the subject of my post. However, it did lead to the awareness of an unpleasant conclusion. How consumerism is belittling our most tender emotional states.  How blatantly and casually it targets the intensity  of our emotions, regarding our sacrosanct ties.
The advertisement shows a passive looking young woman with pursed lips, a strange sadness  enveloping her countenance, moving away from the kitchen counter stirring a mug of tea/coffee and perches on the sofa. Her husband /partner enters with a bag in his hand, or perhaps he is already there. While in the act of zipping the bag he says, “Does it mean that we can’t even talk?” suggests that they are parting ways and the man has come to collect some essentials. The woman says, “Take away the sofa as you brought/bought it. His answer is, “You liked it,” while sitting on the sofa and inching towards her. The message: sofa becomes a point of reconciliation.

This projection of the stability of human ties, needing the crutches of material possessions,  raise some pertinent questions. Have human relationships degenerated into abysmal fickleness that a piece of furniture could make or mar a bond? Folks, where are we heading? How foolish the claims that one’s spouse/partner is one’s soul-mate? How frustrating it is to believe that phrases like understanding, love and care are just so many words and don’t reflect reality. What about the vows we utter sanctimoniously when we forge a union. How come, we behave childishly, throw tantrum, and indulge in prestige fights soon after. The pillars of trust and love  evaporate like soap bubbles and no efforts are undertaken to retrieve the lost ground.  We turn into imbecile, selfish wimps and raise our hands at the slightest discomfiture to our ego.

In the conflict of personalities, we tend to forget that to sustain a relationship, there is a good measure of give and take and above all, tons of patience. The option of second or third try at it does not guarantee stability, peace or loyalty. The second option need to be exercised only when the bond can’t be retrieved at any cost.

Furthermore, in the short journey of ours, we as thinking beings are supposed to enrich others and our lives with clear-cut goals. How can we do that if we spend our valuable time in squabbles, which ultimately solve nothing and only increase the chasm and hatred? Imagine the impact on the overall family structure!

I could not agree more with the words of ANTHONY ROBBINS when he says:

“Most people get into relationship in order to get something. However, the only way a relationship will last is, if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not to take.”

We must understand that experience and observation have proved  that life is not about only song and dance, eating out and splurging on unnecessary travel. It is a holy voyage of self-discovery meant to contribute and give back to society, which has blessed us with opportunities to achieve something every day. Isn't it that every morning is a new day waiting to be explored?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015



Sharing with you these clicks of blooming flowers taken randomly at different locations!

Friends,welcome here as always!

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