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Monday, August 10, 2015


Monsoon rains have saturated the parched hill sides with elixir from the heavens. It has  renewed and boosted the energy of  leaf, bush and flower. Vegetation feels blessed with a glowing green glory and looks like a bride decked with green finery. 
The wondrous visual treat  soothes as well as excites the senses. Birds come out fluttering and making music after the downpour stops.  When the rain gods take some rest, the flora shakes up inertia and brightens up for the indulgence of the generous on lookers. The washed festive ambiance washes away, whole lot of stresses and strains.
However, it juxtaposes with another aspect of this season. Cloudbursts, flash floods,  landslides,  extensive damage to life and  property and roads have been reported in this hill state.Life, in fact is synonymous with opposites.

These yellow flowers (above) are real brave hearts. Soon after the rains cease, they show their resilience by spreading golden smiles.

The rose bushes were pruned more than a month ago. They again are proliferating with bud and flower.

The yellow flower is yet to show its full prowess.

Early morning shot as the mist is rising up from the mountain tops.

The other side of the valley,hazy in parts.

The drizzle is there still. A wet day with the skyline wearing a white cloudy cloak.

The larger scene of the valley. The mist lingers on....

Location: Kumarhatti, Solan,(Himachal Pradesh).

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  1. On one hand the beauty of nature is mesmerizing. On the other the place is prone to cloudburst, landslides. True life is full of contrasts.

  2. Beautiful flowers and lovely landscapes well captured!!

  3. Exotic place, such lovely sights all around.

  4. The pictures are beautiful. I loved what you said about monsoons. A lovely post :)

  5. Rain in mountains is an awesome feel with fresh leaves and moister ambiance convert the scenery into prettier. I enjoy the views and flowers here... very refreshing and sense beautiful.

  6. Thanks for linking up at I always enjoy your visit and your photos!

  7. Hello, gorgeous flowers and images. I love the scene with the low clouds, gorgeous. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  8. Beautiful description and equally beautiful pics.

  9. What a wonderful series of scenery!

  10. Yes we are sitting in a flooded yard right now after a severe storm passed last night. It is hard to have the right balance of water and heat.. Mother Nature does her own thing her own way..Lovely photos.. I am glad you are safe where you are..Michelle