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Tuesday, August 18, 2015



My words keep playing with the evergreen mystery of our life. The gratuitous gifts of nature in the form of flowers, vegetation and other spectacular displays in changing seasons is a perennial source of inspiration. The natural phenomenon relates profoundly to the nature of our lives on this earth. For instant flowers, forests, valleys and glades play a significant role in uplifting our morale,which keeps us going on.

Another Wednesday gives a new opportunity for integrating thoughts about the insoluble mystery of life that all of us are living through.

Life is neither a bed of roses nor thorns,

It is a mixed bag of joys and pricking corns.

In fact….

Life’s canister is stuffed more with prickles,

Than laughter causing tickles.

Every mirth is slyly stalked,

By residues undesirable to be talked.

Never a moment is pure delight,

Bereft of memories of itchy slights.

Uncertainty is a bane and a boon,

Beyond our powers to prune.

A shadowy presence we sense in our minds,

Scary, unkind, rigid to hold us in a bind.

Truly, the scenario is galling,

No escape beyond facing the challenge.

Man may inhabit the moon and more,

The endless struggle stays in the fore.


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  1. excellent and yet powerful with words!

  2. Like every flower, life is precious.... as are you ;-)

    Thank you for participating in ABC-Wednesday, wishing you fun and hope to see you again next time ;-)

    have a nice day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-W-team)

  3. Message well conveyed Uppal ji. Life is a mixed bag indeed.

  4. reflective of life...but I do think that moments of pure delight happen:)