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Wednesday, December 31, 2014




Finally, it’s time to bid adieu to 2014 and extend our warmest wishes, and open armed welcome to 2015. Hope that the New Year would be harbinger of peace, joy and prosperity for all of us as global citizens. It’s also the right time, I suppose, to reflect and rethink about life in the year gone by, and learn lessons for future, to make life more fulfilling, creative and meaningful.

All along, I’d been spending a lot of energy, time and care in managing all types of presents for others, in my family and social set up.  This time, interestingly, I’m preparing to give myself some gifts and make a new beginning in a mindful way. I plan to give single-minded attention to promises, which I make to myself. It means convincing myself, that, come what may, I ought to follow, what I decide, with zeal and devotion. That is tough, indeed and requires time management and steely determination.

At this point, foggy ideas and doubts intrude the mind scape. Rueful questions such as: when would, we women, start giving precedence to what we need to do for ourselves over  unending chores? Or, are we just like our mothers, who, kind souls kept toiling, without even a nod of appreciation from children or spouse. Just because, their self-sacrificing nature, took upon themselves the backbreaking duties, as if ordained from above. And we took them for granted.

These introspective incursions are a part of my conversation with my inner self these days. In the New Year, I want to project a new me with lots of confidence and self-esteem. I’m rubbing it on my subconscious lest I should forget the promises and be mired in the self-defeating rut again. Of my own making of course!

Enough of the prologue friends, and let me talk about those newly structured gifts for self-improvement:

1. A regular exercise regimen: I need it more than ever now, if I wish to be self-reliant and remain active in body and mind in the coming years. Exercise is more than a tonic.  It energizes you, helps your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently, makes you more productive and boosts your spirits.

2. To be self-compassionate: Alternatively, to be less harsh on myself. We indulge in self-criticizing on many counts like when we fall short of our own expectations. We should learn to let go some times. Over exerting and getting stressed, over non-issues need to be given a go by. It entails learning the art of abandonment to ease the daily bumps of life.

3.To smile at my reflection in the mirror: That ironically will give me some me time to laugh at myself and some ‘do me good’ resolves. Like, time to take more care of myself to go on living a fruitful life, till Almighty's summons!

4. To be more social: I can’t help not to be choosy about my social contacts, because of the activities and interests I pursue. I’m sort of, one of a kind and hardly anybody to share what i do. However, to be acquainted with people in one’s community is also part of a healthy camaraderie.
5. To be more generous and kinder to others: It requires many self-reminders at the subconscious level to practice this in a system, where indifference and lies have become the rule rather than the exception. Sadly, you remain at the receiving end of people, you get services from even after  paying them handsomely.

6. Try to forgive those who in spite of doing hurtful wrongs, are too vain, small minded and mean to apologize.
7. Last but not the least, to spread love and goodwill and continue  to pursue my passions for friendly sharing with my cyber buddies and for sheer creative pleasure!

Friends, welcome here, with best wishes for 2015! :-) 
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  1. All seven goals speak to me quite clearly. I wish you well in doing them. Peace and joy to you.

  2. Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  3. I wish you all the best in 2015, a happy & healthy, prosperous New Year!

  4. Wise sentiments indeed.
    All I wish for, most of all is 'World Peace'..
    Every good wish to you and yours for 2015,

    From Di,
    ABCW team.

  5. Hari Om
    Admirable and generous 'self gifting' Uppal!!! May you receive them all. Happy New Year! YAM xx

  6. I am inspired by your writing and wish you a Happy New Year and all the gifts you have chosen.
    I would like to do some self-gifting myself .

  7. Wish you a very happy 2015 and I am with you on the exercise regime. Let us keep reminding each-other periodically about this :D

  8. All very good goals for 2015 and I hope you are able to achieve them all or make good progress on them. All the very best in 2015!

  9. A wonderful take as always!!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  10. Beautiful!

    Do check out the contest on my blog i.e. ..answer one simple question and win voucher!

    See ya there!

  11. TOTALLY agree with #2. Oh, the others too, yeah, but self-compassionate is important!


  12. Truly inspiring! Hope things continue at your favor