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Thursday, December 4, 2014


God had been expressly kind to her. Younger of the two siblings, she was the chosen one for her parents. Born to highly educated and professionals parents, she enjoyed all a teen-ager could aspire for.   Rather her parents pampered her, partly because of her exceptional looks and other accomplishments. Her physical assets and comely bearing drew people towards her. She was tall and voluptuous. It was her radiant complexion with the rosy moons on her cheeks, which sparkled when she smiled, enhancing the allure of her personality. Not that she lagged behind in academics. She was pursuing a degree course in computer engineering and was regarded a better student.

However, cupid’s arrows had already stung her. She, of course, was conscious of the accepted social conventions. However, it was beyond her control. No doubt, she had capable and wonderful boys in her class, who were ready to eat out of her hands. Some of them actually tried to woo her. Strange enough, she never threw a glance at them. So was her dignified demeanor that none dared to intrude her privacy. On friendship day, she would receive the maximum greeting cards, which she accepted rather indifferently. Her mind had a pivot point, which she guarded meticulously.

For her love, she was generously willing to smile her rosy smile. Only a few words passed between them, when she passed that way, but love sparks flew passionately.

He was a young man of about twenty-five or so, of medium height, good physique and average complexion. In fact, in looks, he stood no chance. However, he had character.  

He belonged to a well to do family of business people. Seeing that their son did not desire to go for higher education, they inducted him into family computer business, after a short period of apprenticeship. It’s in their show room that she met him for the first time. She was hooked in the very first meeting. Their relationship grew overtime. It came to be steadfast like a rock. It reached the stage, when he would wait for her arrival from the college at vantage point to exchange pleasantries.

It was then that her parents got wind of her liaison. They were naturally dumb struck.  Wisely, they did not question her. Gauging her inclination towards matrimony even before completing her course, they arranged her meeting with the promising son of a family known to them. She did not even feign interest in him. Then her parents cautiously tried to acquaint her about the unsuitability of her choice. They cited the boy’s much lower educational qualifications and a different caste. They put other pressures, watched her movements. They remained incommunicado with her for days.

When all failed, they made the girl promise that they would agree to the match if she waited until the completion of her degree. In the meantime, they asked her to desist seeing him. They thought that perhaps all these measures might wean her away. They hoped that better sense might prevail in the end. However, such flames the magical cupid’s arrows kindle that any sense takes to wings. 

The latest I heard was that both the families  agreed to solemnize  their union.

Hoping that they lived happily ever after!

This one is for indiSpired.

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  1. That's nice. Hope the lovers have a great life ahead.
    Love the happy ending, Uppalji :)
    Thank goodness, there's no honor-killing here...

  2. Hari Om
    Such a true and increasingly common story of the Indian match-market! Very nicely paced Uppal-ji... it made one wish to know the outcome! YAM xx

  3. That has a good ending and hope the happiness continues. :)

  4. The heart will go where it will go.


  5. Can relate to this so much! Nice read :-)

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