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Monday, December 15, 2014



Photograph by Robert Doisneau

Hazy, winter morning in  London, England, perhaps, probably of the Victorian era, with two earlier models of Ford cars parked casually behind. The scenario is somewhat weird. The two faces other than that of the couple wear a slightly anxious expression.

The above action appears to be incongruous in the prevailing atmosphere. Though in all probability, it was so spontaneous that nobody seemed to be unduly attracted to the scene. Even the man sitting in the chair is unmoved and composed at least so his posture reads like, though it is difficult to gauge much from his back. The woman partly visible behind the man is least curious.

On the basis of these faint cues if one can call them cues, let us spin a mini-tale.

Assuming that the two are the members of the star cast group, which is rehearsing a popular play to be staged shortly in 'The Gaiety', a famous London theater. The two lead players had a tough time to come up to the expectations of the new director who was to establish his credentials with this offering. The play being a social satire was expected to be watched, not only by middle class but also by the members of the aristocracy.

There was a lot of tension and temper flare-ups. The lead couple in the course of the protracted period of rehearsals, which went up to midnight often, perhaps, unknowingly fell in love with each other. The mysterious chemistry between them went unnoticed. So absorbed in perfecting their dialogue delivery, diction and mannerisms were they that they had no chance of exchanging a private word in the presence of the crew and the rest of the cast. On this much deserved day off and at the first opportunity, the man drew the woman in his arms with a passionate kiss. What happened next?

Keep guessing !!!

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  1. Love is always welcome, even on the street, why not?
    Nice tale, anyway.

  2. Hari OM
    Imagination runs riot!
    (Whilst the motor vehicle was invented during QV's time, these are definitely 1940's models; the clothing suggests post WW2 (hence something of the tension you sense) and the building suggests Paris [the photographer is well known for his photo-journalistic style]. However this tale could spin out in any city at any time; love - and lust - are eternal!!!) YAM xx

  3. This is actually in Paris...but I set mine in England as well...

  4. Beautiful! Love reading the last phrases... simply fabulous

  5. Yes, it looks like Paris and so the scene is not unexpected. However coming back to your tale I can just imagine the situation where at work (or rehearsals) the spark of love is ignited but cannot be confirmed until a moment such as this. Very well done!

  6. I loved your creative imagination which had this couple lingering thru the late night rehersals and becoming drawn to each other, until at last there is a moment when they can interact on a closer level! It will always remain a mystery whether it is chemistry or destiny that brings people together. I suspect it is some of each.

  7. Love is a mystery indeed, Uppalji!
    Believable tale here! many times, lead actors fall in love :)