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Monday, December 8, 2014



Here neither  I'm referring to the seven wonders of the world nor to the innumerable wonders in every sphere of our lives happening at mind boggling  speed. I'm talking about the simple wonders of nature, which we encounter every single day, but have no time to 'stand and stare' because of our hectic life styles.

 This picture shows the entry to the Urban Estate where we live. The divider as well as the space across the  side walk  is dotted with Neem trees and Bougainvilleas. In fact Neem is ubiquitous all over our state. It's a hardy tree and requires absolutely no care. Moreover it purifies the environment with its medicinal properties.

Besides this miracle of nature with which we're endowed with, gratuitously, personifies, God's unique magnanimity for its creation. A reminder to us to be generous, kind and giving. In passing I'll mention that my love for nature keeps me going. It's  the ultimate in inspiration for me.  

Friends, welcome here as always!



  1. Pretty neat lanes over there and the trees leave an invitation to take the road. Nature keeps me inspiring as well

  2. That seems to be a nice neighborhood.

  3. There's so much magic in everyday moments if we take the time to notice!
    Thank you for shring at

  4. What a pretty neighbourhood!

  5. Hari Om
    This is a delightful 'take' Uppal-ji - the angle gives added interest... YAM xx

  6. Nice post Uppal ji... Neem as well as Bougainvilleas both are dear to me .. infact perhaps all the trees are ... so It Is TONS of inspiration :)