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Tuesday, December 16, 2014



The above scene is part of a Saturday open air super market so to say,  held on a large ground, which is easily accessible to residents of many localities around. On one of its side , vegetables stalls, hand carts and tractor trolleys are lined, brimming with fresh produce. In another corner fruit sellers spread their wares mostly on hand carts.

Then their are rows and rows of cooking pans and pots, plastic buckets, mugs  trash bins, spoon holders and a lot more stuff.  

In fact i wanted to share with you wares displayed in this corner of the market. Here is the balloon seller who has hung multicolored balloons on the branch of the tree, nearby popcorn is being  roasted on kerosene stoves and sold hot to  young and old alike.

Here in the middle there is a cycle which is a poor man's show room. On the rear wheel of the cycle, a hard card board sheet is strategically placed  with knickknacks  arranged on it.  One can buy ribbons, laces, scissors, key rings knives, hair pins  and a host of other things. This is  another specimen of our world, no doubt!  
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Friends,welcome here as always!


  1. We mostly see these carts individually on streets and I am sure it’s fair to hold them all together in a place. It should be wonderful to see potteries arranged to sell. Nice capture for view... I love popcorn

  2. I be the smells there are amazing - it's probable hard to walk through without stopping to taste & try!

  3. Looks like a fun event and the colors are just amazing =) Dropping by from

  4. Isn't that an amazing amount of wares displayed on a bicycle.

  5. I like open air markets .. specially for the variety of products they offer! loved the neon coloured balloons/ balls with the simple green tree .. :)

  6. Open air markets are always fun to wander around. Your photo gets me into the mood for going to one.

  7. Nice capture on weekend haat uppalji

  8. I love marketplaces, especially the food :) Hot Popcorn is yummy :)