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Monday, December 1, 2014


Bond of union,1956 by M.C. Escher

 Looks to be a determined but deeply serious  couple, in the mood of  concentrated contemplation. Their was a reason behind this expressive but calm thoughtfulness. The scenario which stared them in the face was unexpected. It was too soon after marriage, that a worrying issue cropped up. They had to cut short their honeymoon even. But their resoluteness  to discharge their  family commitments was never a second option. It was imbibed  as a first priority since long, for both of them.

During their courtship which  lasted many months, they were aware that their lives would be bound by certain responsibilities. But such was their trust  and affection for each other that they did not waver a bit before tying the knot. In fact they always felt that they were bound to each other by a strong bond of understanding and love, which can never fall apart. They fervently believed in the grace of God, which united them in matrimony.

The catastrophe, which befell on their tender shoulders was the sudden illness of the boy's father. He needed immediate hospitalization, which entailed huge amount of money and care. Though both of them had jobs but they were moderately paid  and they had little savings. The situation also demanded that, one of them  would have to leave the job to take care of the old man. His mother had died, when he was  a young boy. It was his father who supported and guided him in those impressionable teen years. He had no regrets.

Undoubtedly, he was very attached to his father. His sweetheart  too had enjoyed his father's loving interest in her on her occasional visits to his house. She was his classmate and understood his preferences pretty well. 

The kindhearted and sensible couple took a major decision. The husband decided to look for a second job. While she requested her employer to let her work from home, citing her pressing circumstances. The adorable duo did manage to overcome the strains of the situation boldly and successfully.

The loving and SACRED bond between them went from strength to strength in all their future endeavors!

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  1. Hari OM
    Oh this was lovely; so much of real life in it but adhering to the picture prompt. Nicely done! YAM xx

  2. Lovely story.
    Love triumphs over all.
    Marriage needs love & support of both the partners.

  3. Nice story Uppalji, love and understanding the must haves for a relationship.

  4. Such a thing can destroy lives. It takes a true spirit of compromise to be able to survive it.
    My father's illness devastated my family. We really have never recovered.

  5. Love manages to accomplish many things that we think are highly impossible

  6. And thus did the Gordian knot which bound them become a loving union ...

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